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Can Instead Softcups Help You Get Pregnant Faster?


Conception Cup Conception Cap Instead to ConceiveInstead for Conception

The Instead cup is being used for conception! After 20 years on the market as a menstrual alternative to tampons or pads, the Instead Softcup is now a fertility aid for many couples trying to conceive a baby. Free of toxins and hypoallergenic, using the Instead cup for conception is a safe and interesting experiment that may help you get pregnant faster.


How to Use Instead Cup as a Fertility Aid

Used as a “conception cup” (or alternatively, conception cap) instead of a menstrual cup, the flexible Instead cup is placed in your vagina after intercourse to help the semen pool against your cervix. After you have sex, lay on your back and tilt your hips up to retain as much semen inside your vagina as possible. Then insert the Instead cup (detailed instructions come with the product) to catch the seminal fluid near your cervix. Once the conception cap is in place, you can move around freely without worrying that sperm leakage will reduce your chances of getting pregnant.

Instead Cup Fertility Aid Get Pregnant

You can also catch semen directly into the cup and then insert it into your vagina, but this might be difficult to do without spilling.

You can wear the Instead cup for up to 12 hours, although this is longer then necessary for use as a fertility aid. The Instead cup is comfortable to wear, easy to insert and remove, and cannot get lost inside of you. Made of mineral oil and Polyethylene (plastic), there are no chemicals that will damage sperm. Each disposable Instead cup can only be used once, you risk infection otherwise.

Instead cups are inexpensive and have no expiration date. If you get pregnant before you use an entire package, you can use them for menstrual cups after your baby is born. Or save them until you are trying to conceive again!


Instead Softcup Fertility Aid

Instead Softcups

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