Cervix Position Through Your Cycle

Cervix Position

Your cervix, located in deepest part of your vagina, is the entrance to your uterus. Your cervix position changes during your menstrual cycle and can give you clues about when you are most fertile.  It may take some practice, but make a habit of regularly checking your cervical position and you’ll become familiar with how your cervix feels at each stage of your fertility cycle.

How to Check Your Cervix Position

Cervix Position Conceive Baby

Cervix Position : Click to Enlarge

Before you begin, thoroughly wash your hands to remove bacteria and prevent infection. Next, insert a clean finger into your vagina, reaching until you feel your cervix. If you have trouble reaching, try sitting on the toilet, squatting slightly, or raising one leg on the edge of the bathtub.

Your cervix may feel firm and round like the tip of your nose, or it may feel softer with less defined boundaries, like pressing into the tip of your relaxed tongue. You may also feel a small dent or hole in the middle which is the opening of your cervix and the passage into your uterus. This is called the cervical os.


Cervix Position Before Ovulation

During your period, your cervix position is low, soft, and the cervical os is slightly open to allow the endometrium (period blood) to shed. As your period ends, your cervix remains low but becomes firm, closed, and dry. If you find any cervical mucus, it with be scant, sticky, and white.

Cervix Position During Ovulation

Midway through your cycle, as ovulation day draws near, you may find it harder to reach your cervix as it’s position becomes higher and deeper in your vagina. It will begin to feel softer and “mushy”, with more give and a less defined shape, and the cervical os will begin to open.

You will probably notice cervical mucus covering your cervix or coming from the os. When you are about to ovulate, fertile cervical mucus will be copious, mostly clear, thin and watery, and very stretchy. This is your most fertile time and when you are most likely to conceive a baby!

Cervix Position After Ovulation

After you ovulate and are no longer fertile, your cervix position will change again, dropping lower into your vaginal canal. The cervical os will close. Your cervix will feel firm again, like the tip of your nose, and there will be little or no cervical mucus. This is the position your cervix will remain in until your period starts.

Cervix Position in Early Pregnancy

You may wonder if you can detect early pregnancy by cervix position. In a word (or two), not really. Your cervix position will change during pregnancy, becoming higher and softer, but the timing of the position change is unpredictable.

For some women the cervix shifts to a pregnancy position right around when her period is due. But for others, it may not change position until several weeks after the pregnancy has been well established and likely already detected by urine or blood pregnancy test.

Read our Earliest Signs of Pregnancy page for better ways to detect an early pregnancy or stock up on inexpensive early home pregnancy tests instead.

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Picture of a Cervix

Cervix Picture Conceive Baby

Cervix Picture :: Click to Enlarge

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