How to Get Pregnant with a Girl

How to Have a Baby Girl


How to Get Pregnant with a GirlDreaming in pink?  If you want to know how to have a baby girl, you’ve come to the right place. You can use the natural characteristics of sperm, the pH balance of your body, and the timing of sex to increase your chances of getting pregnant with a girl.


Biology of Sex Selection

Your baby’s sex is determined by her chromosomes. She gets half from her mother (via the egg) and the other half from her fathers (via the sperm).  Mom’s egg always contribute the same sex chromosome, an X.  Dad’s sperm can contribute an X chromosome or a Y chromosome.

  • If a sperm with the Y chromosome fertilizes the X egg, you  conceive a baby boy.
  •  If a sperm with the X chromosome fertilizes the X egg, you get pregnant with a baby girl.

Characteristics of X Sperm:  X sperm are slow swimmers, but more hardy then Y sperm.  Although they prefer an alkaline environment, they can tolerate acidic conditions better then their Y counterparts. X sperm can live and remain fertile inside of your body longer then Y sperm.

Sex Postions to Conceive a Girl Sex positions that allow shallow penetration will help you conceive a girl.



Sexual Positions to Conceive a Baby Girl

Sex positions that result in shallow penetration will increase your chances of conceiving a girl. The entrance to your vagina is more acidic (has a lower pH value) while the deeper areas are more alkaline.  If your partner ejaculates into the more acidic area of your vagina, a greater number of X sperm will survive the journey to your egg. The traditional “missionary position” with the man on top of the woman allows for shallow penetration. Avoid pulling your knees towards your chest, as this will encourage deeper penetration.

Lying sideways with the man behind the woman in a “spooning” position is another good position to conceive a girl. Woman on top can also allow for shallow penetration since the woman can control how far she allows his penis to enter her. Regardless of which position you choose, be sure that at the moment of his orgasm, your partner’s penis is positioned shallowly and away from your cervix.


To get Pregnant with a Girl, Avoid Your Orgasm

Sadly for you, your arousal and orgasm will favor conceiving a baby boy! When you are sexually aroused and orgasm, your body releases additional cervical mucus and vaginal secretions which makes your vagina more alkaline and favorable for Y sperm. In addition, the vaginal contractions that accompany your orgasm will speed the semen up your cervix and uterus.  Y sperm will win in competitions of speed, so to get pregnant with a girl, we have to slow down the pace to give the X sperm a chance.


Have Sex Well Before You Ovulate

Time sex to conceive a baby girlSperm, in general, can remain viable and fertilize your egg  five days (or more!) after your last sexual encounter.  Fortunately for those trying to conceive a girl, the Y sperm will die off more quickly then the X sperm thus giving the advantage to Team Pink. Have sex daily starting four to five days before you expect to ovulate and stop having sex two days before ovulation. This will stack the deck in favor of the X sperm. If you wish to continue having recreational sex nearer to ovulation, use a barrier method of birth control (i.e. a condom) to prevent the infusion of fresh Y sperm, or choose non penetrative sex. To best pinpoint ovulation, learn to record and recognize your  fertility signs and consider using an ovulation predictor kit.


Avoid Using Lubricants

Typical over the counter vaginal lubricants like K-Y or Astroglide should not be used at all when trying to conceive. They will make your vagina too acidic, even for X sperm. Preseed is a lubricant specially formulated to optimize pH for sperm and is safe to use while you are trying to get pregnant. However, Preseed is so sperm-friendly, that it may actually favor the Y sperm. It’s best to avoid lubricants altogether  if you are trying to get pregnant with a girl.


Calcium and Magnesium May Help You Conceive a Girl

Calcium Magnesium increase chance to conceive a girlA diet high in calcium and magnesium (and low in sodium and potassium) may help you to conceive a girl.  Milk, Greek-style yogurt, cottage cheese strawberries, raspberries, eggs, calcium fortified pasta, low sodium fish, white rice, and chicken breasts are good foods to eat in order to  increase  your calcium and magnesium intake. You can also take calcium and magnesium supplements, but never take supplements in excess of the recommended daily allowance without speaking to your doctor.

We have more tips on conceiving a baby girl on the Sex of Your Baby page.




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