How to Have a Baby Girl

How to Have a Baby Girl

> 5 Tips to Increase Your Chances <


How to have a baby girl

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How to have a baby girl:


  1.  Stay Shallow – Shallow penetration increases your chances to have a baby girl.  The entrance to your vagina is more acidic and more X sperm will survive the journey to your egg.
  2. Avoid your “O” – Cervical mucus and vaginal secretions makes your vaginal canal more alkaline and favorable for Y sperm.  Also, the contractions will speed the sperm to the egg, and Y sperm always beat X sperm in speed races! Keep the pace slow to give the X’s a chance and you will increase the chances of getting pregnant with a girl baby.
  3. Keep the baby-makin’ activities confined to the time BEFORE you ovulate.  Y sperm die off more quickly which will give the heartier X sperm a better chance to fertilize your egg.
  4. No lube.  Lubricants should not be used when you are trying to have a baby girl OR a baby boy.  Lubes make your vagina too acidic and kill off sperm, reducing your chances of getting pregnant at all.
  5. Add foods high in calcium and magnesium to your diet to increase your chances of having a baby girl.  Also, try to eat foods low in sodium and potassium as well.


Click Here for more details about how to get pregnant with a girl

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